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uplander 02-03-2014 09:52 PM

I fill mine full, after reading that thread mine take the 50W motor oil.

Kweisner 02-03-2014 11:02 PM


Originally Posted by JRW160 (Post 1011327)
My hub only had one screw.

I have my hubs about 3/4 full. There was a change that said to fill the hubs completely at some point. There is some informaton in this thread

Thanks for the redirect. Seems i will be just fine!

JasterCraft 02-03-2014 11:19 PM

Love all the tips everyone...keep them coming. I'll be consumed with work over the next two weeks so I won't be starting the project until the second half of February. That should give me plenty of time to read all of the tips and gather supplies.

JasterCraft 02-16-2014 04:00 PM


- Pulled off wheels, calipers, rotors, pads on both sides.
- Drained bearings. Refilled oil. Everything inside the bearings looks good.
- Right side pads were almost non-existent. Caliber appears stuck in the closed position. Ordered replacement caliper and pads.
- Left side pads and caliper look fine, caliper was not the factory one like on the right side.

More later...

JasterCraft 02-22-2014 10:19 PM


- New caliper delivered yesterday...Kodiak 225. Found it online for $76.
- Bled the brake lines, filled with fresh brake fluid
- Replaced caliper
- Put the wheels back on, shined up the rims and added them to the list of things that look better now than when I bought it two years ago.

Done and done!

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