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mobilecascade 05-28-2014 04:14 PM

'02 XStar - She said do it! Wetsounds Rev10's?
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Hey all! Been trolling for the last few weeks on all the beta everyone has posted. Getting to the point where it makes sense, and at the same time my head is swimming. Figured ya'll could help a brother out.

Our family has a '02 Xstar/205V. Sound is meh? I mean it plays, but just isn't getting where its nice to listen to. At line length is terrible, and lately when they crank it, the low battery alarm comes on. Sub is fine when BS'n, but distorts like a mofo when turned up (obviously). In-Boats are fine, although up front in the bow is pretty 'tinny'...

My audiophile times where in high school. I think it was all about Cerwin Vegas and a Punch45 back then. LOL ;)

Currently we have:
Boat: Polk DB's w/ separates. Just the 4 in factory locations
Sub: JL 10".. W0? No Box, just screwed in the same factory drivers hole
Tower: 4 factory Clarions. 1 is blown.
Amps: Just the 2 factory Clarion units
Zone Control: Cheap RC1's. 1 ea. for the Tower, In-Boat and Sub. (You can stop laughing now)

End use? Wife and I love to board (even at 41yo) Kids like surfing (ages 8/10). And our young family friends mostly like to board. (Wife calls it eye candy having 25-35 yo's hanging out with us)

So.... Ya'll know what its like with family, work, bills etc... Wife, kids, family and lots of friends love going out on the boat, and we wanted some more sound, especially at line length, without going all extravaganza on it. We were hoping around $1500-$2000.

I was looking at/thinking about/asking advice on doing this:

Boat: Gonna want to keep the same Polks in there this season.
Sub: Its sad... Open to maximizing it tho for this season. What would you do?
Tower: 2 Rev10's (??) Think yay or nay?
Amps: Was looking at the Alpine PDX V9 (Friend has a little hook-up on one) for the Boat.. Good or no beuno?
Not sure on what to power the Tower....

I added some pics if they help at all..

So 80% boarding, 20% surfing, a lot of time floating with 25-40 yo's..

PLEASE feel free to throw some advice this way.. I am open to all ideas and past experiences.

curver900 05-28-2014 04:46 PM

If all you are looking for is sound while boarding on the board then get new tower speakers, as with anything it is all personal preference, JL, wetsounds, etc... make sure you power them correctly. Do a search there are plenty of opinions... which are just like a...oles everyone has one...

I believe for what you are looking to spend there is even a sponsor you may want to contact for help.

JRW160 05-28-2014 06:34 PM

That alpine amp looks good for the inboats and the sub. It may be a little more than those polk 6.5s are rated for, so I would just turn the gain down. I would build a box for sub behind the kickpanel. That should make it sound a lot better. If you get rev10s, make sure you get them plenty of power. 400w each is what is recommended. I have a syn4 running mine, but if I had to do it again, I would just get a cheaper amp like the polk 4000.4 or ppi 900.4. If you want to hear music while boarding, the rev10s are the way to go. The JLs sound good in the boat, but there is no comparison 80ft out.

Rossterman 05-28-2014 06:45 PM

I built a sealed 10" box and posted in a thread the details if you are interested. Night and day better than the previous free air set up I had.


WakeWise 05-28-2014 07:10 PM

Excile Audio is another way to go. XM-9 x4 with a Harpoon amp to power them is around $2400. They remove at the end of the day and they even give you neoprene bags to carry them in. Also the pivot function works great for after the sports. I would send two facing the bow and two for the stern. Great sound close and out to 80 ft.


mobilecascade 05-28-2014 07:30 PM

JRW: Good to hear you think that Alpine is good for inboards and sub. Def will do the gain low

Ross: Thank you for the 10" box post. In your experience can I build a 10" box for the current set up, and still use it for an upgraded sub later? Or are the Cu Ft. different for each make of 10" sub.

WW: Ill look into the XM-9's. That's another thing im kinda worried about... once or twice a summer we'll rent a slip at Banks, Chelan or Roosevelt and I know I'd have to have quite a few extra beverages before bed, to 'try' to stop thinking if someone is making a grab on them at night.


Any other thoughts on powering up the Rev 10? Am I gaining much from the 8's?

MC25 05-28-2014 07:38 PM

Xm9s are 2400 bucks with an amp? That makes it extremely easy to choose wetsounds.

swatguy 05-28-2014 07:46 PM

Just do it right the first time . Rev10's would sound great on that boat. For what you are looking for which is 80% boarding and wanting tunes you are going to need to spend the $$ to get good sound back there. Rev8's at minimal Rev 10's optimal. Since you are worried about theft get the swivel quick release clamps and ease your mind. Exile is also a good choice, but it is hard to beat the Revolution series for SQ. Those coming of some older HLCD speakers can tell instantly the difference.

As mentioned the Rev 10's love power. For that matter I also have a Syn 4 powering my Rev 8's. I would also agree with JRW. You don't necessarily need to drop the coin on super high end amps. That Polk or the "fan favorite" for saving some cash and getting your performance that PPI 900.4 are great alternatives.

mobilecascade 05-28-2014 07:55 PM

Swat... I remember you saying that before in one of your posts... "Do it right the first time."

I think you even said you would've saved money in the end...

I'll look into that PPI and Polk.. Thanks a bunch!

MLA 05-28-2014 08:03 PM

The xm9 is an 8", where the Rev-10 is a 10" HLCD. So one pair to one pair is not an apples to apples comparison. 2 pair of 8" to a single pair of 10's, the edge goes to the 2 pair in terms of output, but the larger 10" will yield deeper mid-bass extension, without a doubt.

Wet Sounds does offer a quick release clamp that not only allows for the speaker to pass through to the tower for a no wires install, but also 4 additional conductors for RGD LEDs.

Protective covers with handles also offered.

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