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MCDriven 09-20-2011 01:05 PM

New bindings: Ronix Ones or Cells or LF Shanes or Watsons?
Returning my CWB AA's and need new bindings. Have narrowed it down to these 4 I think. If my research is acurate, sounds like Ones and Shanes are mid-level stiff/flexible and Cells and Watsons are stiffer. Looking for thoughts and recommendations on these. I generally like a stiffer boot, so I am leaning Cells or Watsons. AA's were too loose for me. Had to go back to my 2009 CWB Answers when AA's broke, and they were stiffer and liked them much better. Giving up on the all velcro option (although I like LF Vantage but my son rides those and doesn't want me to get the same boot).

Anyway, thoughts and recommendations would be much appreciated.

madman 09-25-2011 11:42 AM

Back in July I purchased a ronix1 board and a pair of cell boots, the cell's were great but after 5 or 6 rides the inner liner tore free when I pulled my foot out after riding. I took them back and they let me change to the R1's at no cost to me. The R1's are holding up very well, and to me they seem stiffer than the cell's did. I think the cell's were more comfortable but the R1's give me better edge control. My 2cents.


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