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wiltok 07-25-2005 11:17 AM

Fried ICM in 01 X-9 w/Predator 310
This is the fourth time my ICM fried (actually - don't know for sure since the shop hasn't looked at it yet - but the symtoms were the same as last time). Anyone else have experience with this and know what the fix it? I've heard it can be caused by a bad ground - and to liberally apply grease when installing the ICM. Anyone else with same problem?

Another issue - the first 3 times this happened it was under warrantly. Now I'm out of warranty - do you think MC will cover all/some of the repair. Thanks in advance.


wiltok 07-28-2005 10:28 AM

OK - point of clarificaition here. I guess I meant the Electronic Control Module (not ICM). It's the "brain" that is located under/near the distributor cap....

Another interestesting aspect to this story - I lost my fuel gauge at the end of last year. Although I asked the dealer to fix it, they never did and I have been without all year. Right before the boat died, it stated working again. Coincidence - maybe?? But I still think there is a bad ground somewhere....

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