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  1. 87MCProstar
    10-24-2008 10:05 AM
    I will have to increase the gap of the plugs then, i am running a coil that is supposed to be used without a resistor. but seems that it is still getting 100% all the time. the mechanic i had do the work didn't say anything about increase the gap would decrease heat at coil. i sort of feel that i'm getting riped off with this mechanic. looks like im gonna have to drive my boat the 50 miles to the closest authorized MC dealer.
  2. NU-skier
    09-13-2008 05:28 PM
    To increase the gap you will need a 'sport coil' vs the standard coil or you will over drive the coil. Most people just get the sport coil and don't know they need to increase the gap settings to gain the performance increase and the spark stays exactly the same.. no hotter spark, no greater spark... just the same with a fancy new coil.
    Once you get a sport coil and increase the gap, you will never go back to a standard coil again.

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    It's my understanding that a resistor circuit allows the coil to cut back 50% after you release the starter switch. If you don't use the resistor then you would need a coil designed to run without it or you will be running the coil in the starting mode 100% of the time.
    When I replaced a points system with the Pertronix ignition, the instructions had me upgrade to a non-resistor coil and remove the resistor connection and with the new coil I could increase the spark plug gaps from .25 to .35 b/c of the hotter coil.
    Good luck

    It was replaced with a non-resistor type coil, so by increasing gap in spark plugs would change heat at coil??

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