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  1. oxberger
    05-18-2010 08:12 AM
    Thanks! The engine and tranny are in good shape. I'll need to go through the carb and fuel system and change all the fluids and filters. I know she runs very well. I had a bunch of engine work done to it 2 years back. The problem I had with it stem from who I got it from. I never realized when I got it, the boat sat for 3 years with untreated gas and turned to varnish in the tank. I kept having problems with it. We'd go out, it would start up no problem, we'd run a little bit, then it would start to miss, then it would cut out completely. If we sat for an hour or so it would start right back up, but only run about 100 yards or so then cut out again. 90% of the time we'd have to be towed back to the dock (thank God for understanding friends). Long story short, after having a fuel water separator put on, the carb rebuilt, all fuel lines replaced, the water jackets replaced, new alternator, electronic ignition, we pulled the gas tank and realized that was the culprit. I've been trying to find a replacement or someone to clean it for two years. Since it's a plastic tank, no radiator shop will touch it. I tried getting a replacement form the MC factory, but the said I had to go through my dealer. I went through Performance Marine in Nashville, but that turned out bad. I finally found someone that was willing to try and clean it out and the tank is there now. It's a friend of a friend that does concrete cleaning. Hopefully he can get it clean. At this point it'll either clean it or destroy it and I'll have to fab a new tank somehow. My biggest problem with this project is funds. My fiance just lost her job at the end of March so cash is tight. At least if I can get it running I can use it and do things one at a time. I'm going to start with the oxidation on it, but things keep coming up when I want to go and get the sand paper and stuff to do it. I'll put up more pics as I get things done. I've seen a lot of the resto projects on here and they really inspire me.
  2. 83SuperSlot
    05-17-2010 07:29 PM
    That's a really good project boat.. depending on the conditions of the motor and tranny you could have that out pretty quick. Good luck, keep the pics coming!

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