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  1. jbanczak
    05-05-2009 06:10 PM
    Hey Diesel,

    I saw your comments about aerator pumps/ballast/priming issues. I'm having some problems and wanted to see if you have any advice. I put in a system using the rule 1100's, one fill, one drain on each bag. Drain works perfectly, fill not so much.

    I teed the fills off the engine intake line - engine runs just as cool as ever. The pumps start very slow - and after 3-4 minutes they seem to get fully primed and pick up speed.

    I have them sitting on the bottom of the hull, the engine intake is getting water - i pulled one out while in the water just to check and it seemed to flow well. My checkvalves are horizontal up by the bags - back flow not an issue at all, and no build-up that would cause the pump to have back-pressure. Even took the check-valves off to see if that made a difference - nope.

    Off the engine intake line I have it teed, then a 90 bend, then a plastic full-flow ball, then another 90, then into the pump. The pumps are about 3 inches below the engine coolant intake line.

    Could it be that there is actually backflow into the pump causing the issue? As far as I know, the pump should have water in it, but only so much - was thinking they needed to be at the same level as the intake line? Any other thoughts/advice?

    Thanks -


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