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  1. Imawreck
    09-02-2013 07:23 PM
    Hey MC Maniac (sorry...can't recall your name from when we last corresponded a little over two years ago!),
    Not sure if you'll recall, but my name is Blake Retzer and you sold me a set of custom tower pads you made me from a mold you had originally made off of Cameron's ProStar 197. I have an '07 and had New Dimension Towers make me a custom tower for it that the pads worked well for. Well...I'm not sure whether the feet of the tower sit a little different than Cameron's did, but the drivers side rear footpad is holding up well, but the passengers side is pretty messed up after two years. The tower still seems very secure and I can't get any play out of it when I wiggle the hell out of it....but it must have moved enough to tear the pad you made me. I'm wondering if you still have kept those molds and if there is any way I could buy another from you? I only need that one, but would really like to match the others since they look as nice as they do.

    Please email me direct at [email protected] or call me and let me know if you'd be willing to help me out.

    Greatly appreciated,
    Blake Retzer
    301 Wood Side Dr
    Oconomowoc, WI 53066
  2. Imawreck
    09-30-2010 12:24 AM
    Hey MC Maniac,
    Was going back and forth with Cameron on a few topics (I just bought an '07 197) and asked him about his tower mounts. I'm going to be ordering a new ND tower very shortly and figured if these things were made of something that would hold up (abs plastic or??), that they not only look kinda nice, but they might do some good in distributing torque, no? Wondering if you could tell me more and if you still have the molds what a new set might cost? I'm meeting with Chad and Wayne at ND in a couple weeks.....if you can hook me up maybe there is a market for them with all their new installs?? You can email me at: [email protected] Thanks, Blake

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