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  1. Jibber
    06-19-2012 12:01 PM
    Hallo, i´ve been reading your threads about your Ballast Problems. I have similar Problems with the ballast. Only my starboard Tank jumps when draining from 90% to 0%. I only have the Gdig(2012) without the BIG. My Dealer will send me a new Gdig. Has the Gdig change solved your Problem?
    The second Problem i have is when i start my engine, the check engine light comes on and in the Gdig displayed "Service Required". My Dealer told me its only the Oil change Reminder. Is this true? I have now 20 houres on it. No one can tell me how to reset the service reminder.
    I would be very pleased to receive any feedback of you.
    Many thanks in advance for your support!
    And sorry for my bad english!

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