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  1. billservice
    06-29-2008 01:07 PM
    Hello! JimN recommended I try to reach you. "Contact EngineNut- he works for Indmar and can tell you what would cause the buzzer to sound and what to look for." I'm stumped and can't figure out why the engine alarm sounds constantly (from the time the key is activiated - "on" through the time when the engine is running. Never stops.) I have a posting under Team Help for the last few days. I had the boat "summerized" (oil change, transmission fluid change, replaced the impeller - part supplied by me). I didn't actually try to put the boat in the water until 6 weeks later and found the battery dead, no gas, and the center plug missing. I put gas in the boat, replaced the dead battery, got a new plug, and the alarm won't quit. I've checked the oil, run the engine checked heating system, oil pressure, run the RPMs up and down several times (on the trailer, in the lake). Can you help? I also checked the fuel tank area and noticed the hex-screws that hold the pump in the tank appeared loose. Light gas leakage. I tightened them up. I'm 3.5 hours from the MC dealer - boat seems fine, darn.

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