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    06-28-2010 10:57 AM
    I bought a prop from you late last year, I have a 2001 prostar 209 with the rtp-1 predator motor (310 hp). I have a 13x14 prop on there now, I can only turn 4500 rpms, at 41 mph WOT.
    Seems like I used to be able to turn 5000 rpms at achieve around 45-46 mph WOT. I don't know if it is the alignment holding me back or the prop. In the past I have had the prop reshaped by Conroe Marine, and the pitch may have been different. I have taken my boat back to Houston MC and they say the alignment it good. (hit a submerged log last year and needed new underwater gear, strut, prop, shaft.) The I can not turn 5000 rpms, so this leave me to believe I have 500 rpms left. What are your thoughts on this?

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