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  1. pmkkdx
    05-23-2011 06:49 PM
    hey Eric, need some prop advise. I have a '04 Mastercraft X2 with the Predator engine (I think, not the pretty red MCX), everything is stock as far as I can tell, bought used June 2009 with ~150 hrs, came in from out West (Nevada I think). Prop was trashed when I got boat, had rebuilt at Nettles (Austin, TX) shortly after I purchased. Time for another rebuild but not sure if repairable this go around. Just wondering what numbers should I be looking for on a new prop? currently has a 13.7x19.5 C OJ and I see from factory manual, a 14x20 was stock. We use mainly on non flow (no current) lakes in central TX. 26 y/o son semi agreesive wake boards (~22-24 mph) & surfs (9-13 mph?) both with full factory ballist, 25 y/o daughter non-aggressive wakeboards (17-20 mph), wife still loves to slalom but non-aggressive & quite a bit of low speed cruising (short stints 25-40 mph getting places when water smooth enough). Typically will have 4-8 adults on board. no perfect pass. hard to maintain a consistent speed with the more aggresive wakeboarding and often difficult to maintain surf speed that low. I believe top speed is ~47-48 mph per speedo WOT. Should I be moving to different prop size/pitch?

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