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  1. MarcRaiderfan
    05-25-2009 11:54 PM

    I was told to contact you for some prop advice. I have a 1989 Prostar 190.

    Here is my post on Team Talk:

    "I recently went to the local prop shop to have my prop repaired and they told me it would take a couple weeks to get it back but that they had a newly refurbed OJ prop that I could get for $250. I bought the prop (13/16P- 4 blade). I got on the lake and when I was comming of the trailer I hit reverse and the boat went forward. Brilliant!! Memorial day weekend and I have the wrong rotation prop. So I used the boat and just drove in reverse, which is forward for the day and when I got home I put my slightly damaged old prop back on. I am hoping this didn't damage my transmission. It seemed to work fine, I just had to pull instead of push to forward throttle.

    So here is my issue. I am not sure if this is the case for all p190's, but mine does not take wakes from on-comming boats very well with the stock prop. It beats the hell out of anyone in the front seat. So I thought a higer pitch would keep the bow in the water better. I also don't want to lose the power out of the hole. I am also not sure if I should have a 3 or 4 blade.

    If anyone has advice on prop selection, I would greatly appreciate it. "

    I don't use any ballast sacks and do have a tower going on next week. I use my boat for wakeboarding and tubing. We also spend a lot of time just cruising and hanging out. We live on Lake Oroville n Northern Cal and it's a pretty big lake with lots of boats on it all the time so we encounter a lot of wakes. Someone recommended a OJ XMP CNC 13 x11.5. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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