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  1. Bobbyt55
    08-23-2012 02:29 PM
    Hi JC. I have damaged the under side of my 03 X30 by hitting a granite boiler at 25 MPH up at Donner Lake. I see a few mentions of a guy in Tracy that does bottom repair. Can you please let me know his name and number?

    Although I do have damage (most Fiberglas damage is at area or rudder plate as about an inch of the rudder bottom hit rock and as it flexed to the aft, tried to pry the rudder out of the boat leaving a crack about 1/8" at the front side of the rudder plate cavity.

    I did get a price from a guy in Tahoe but for 60 hours of work, (not including parts or labor to replace prop, strut , shaft, rudder plate, and rudder not even R &R motor was $6,100.00!!!!!!

    The guy has a great reputation but is OUTRAGEOUSLY HIGH!!

    So any help would be appreciated

    Thank you, Bobby T

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