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  1. Slinkyredfoot
    09-18-2013 10:02 AM
    Hey Peter, read the news about Jim Baws, I am floored. He helped me a bunch when I was redoing my boat. Do you know what happened??
  2. Slinkyredfoot
    10-10-2011 07:36 AM
    You seem to well versed in fixing stuff so I was wondering if you have any thoughts on my trailer wiring issue. Pulled the boat home yesterday and noticed everytime I put on the brakes or used the turn signal the clearance lights of the side of the trailer would either blink if the trun signal was on or light up when I applied the brakes. Everything worked fine last time I used the trailer and was wondering what might be the problem. If you could shed some light on this I would appreciate it.
    Thanks Peter,
  3. Slinkyredfoot
    01-18-2011 05:28 PM
    How ya doing? My name is Steve, live in Carmel Indiana and very long time MasterCraft owner Enjoy your input here and typically read your responses and threads, you seem to be in tune. Did not want to thread jack the fuel injection thread so I thought I would email you for some input.
    I am pretty well versed and mechanically inclined much like you, but the problem I referred to with my engine stalling after use is mind boggling to me. I have done everything, new coil, plug wires, converted to pointless ignition, new fuel filter with water separator, you name it I have done it. The stalling problem started two summers ago and I am at wits end. Like I said, have a good friend who I trust totally, he still says it is ethanol fuel I buy at the gas station which kinda makes sense. Almost like vapor lock or something. Just trying to get thoughts. I think my old oringinal carb may need some attention, but it starts so good and runs so fine I hate to screw around with things. Any other thoughts your may have to address my stalling problem? Thanks and good to meet you.

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