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  1. Ole Miss Rebels
    08-13-2008 10:14 PM
    Ole Miss Rebels
    thanks for the message. i live at and ride at eagle lake, 30 miles northwest of vicksburg. 4700 acre mississippi river oxbow lake. evulsed from the main river in 1869. there are a lot of jetskiiers, tubers, fishermen, and weekend wallys but we always find some good water somewhere for boarding. might be a little harder for slalom. the yazoo river would be really good for slalom. put in the canal at downtown vicksburg and head up the yazoo. we used to ride there all of the time until we bought at eagle lake. you would have the yazoo all to yourself , what's tuberville up to besides no good? we have family lilving in auburn. big war eagle fans. keep in touch if you ever want to visit eagle or get me to show you the ropes up the yazoo, really easy and nice water.

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