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  1. Philscbx
    07-25-2012 01:29 PM
    Morning Phil,
    Last night I received from a friend in Texas what I see as one of the most important topics ever concerning electrical shock drowning by very small amounts of AC current bleeding off of hardware in the water from boats that can easily kill swimmers coming into the fields of current emitted from the boats while plugged into shore/dock power.

    But also if two crafts are connected together by generator killing first responders going after drowning victims.

    I'm just not sure where to post this type of topic - almost should parts of permanent heading somewhere.

    Important topic on ESD - Electric Shock Drowning

    I studied every part of it all night - gathered most of the important links - but making the final choice where to post it, I'll leave up to your expertise.

    I was thinking it could be under 'News' Topic -
    Technical, How-tos, repair, operate -
    Electrical -
    Off Topic Discussion -
    I'm afraid posted to those topics - it could get lost too deep into them.

    ***** TOPIC TITLE *****
    Hot Docks, Hot Boats and Electric Shock Drowning



    An undetected AC ground fault which produces a water path current in salt water may not create enough current density to affect a swimmer, even with a defective bonding conductor (ground).

    Because of the much higher resistance of fresh water, however, the swimmer becomes the fault path conductor when the boat or dock ground is missing.

    A voltage rise will occur on the*underwater gear of the affected boat and cause a paralyzing low level current to flow in the swimmer.

    Harbor Marine has cataloged over 115 "electric shock incidents" in marinas which have resulted in 42 fatalities (list available).


    (Electric Shock Drowning Incidents – Marinas)

    Google Search - Electrical Shock Drowning


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