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06-26-2006, 08:52 PM
Long time reader first time writer. I have 2000 Maristar V210 and the fuel gage does not seem to work, alway sits on full. Last year when got below a half tank it work seem to start working. Had the MDC box replace (for speedo problem) dealer told me fuel gage was OK also. Now inorder for them to check it they need the boat it is about a 30 mile drive and do not want to pay them again for something they should of fix last year.
Now that you know the story my question is does anyone know how to check this to see if the fuel sensor is working or not?

06-27-2006, 10:13 AM
does the fuel gauge ever go yo zero ? like with the key off ? any other faulty gauges ?
post some more info...
from what you have posted so far it sounds like either a bad sender or the signal wire is shorted grounded, since there's not much to ground to to in that part of the boat, I'm betting sticky sender float, do you winterize with stabil ?


06-27-2006, 10:24 AM
Yes the gage goes to zero when you turn the key off. I did have the boat winterized and they did use stable in the fuel. Like I said the gage last season worked when you hit about half a tank. I pulled the sender out it is a tube with what looks like a small star shaped white peice inside of it. Is this the float? If so is there a way to get it to move more freely?

06-27-2006, 09:07 PM
since you have the sender out, put a ohm meter on the terminals and push the float around, 0-300 ohms is the range for most senders.
you should be able to find any bad spots in a hurry.

sticky float ? get a can of carb clean and see if you can clean it up.
if it's mechanically sticky, damaged float or worn potentiometer you're looking at a new sender.

my 2000 maristar w/ ND tower

06-28-2006, 07:57 AM
Love the picture, where did you get the tower?
Thanks for the feedback will give it a try.
Thanks again

06-28-2006, 11:41 AM
tower is New Dimensions and self install, highly recommended !

if you're going to work with carb clean or any other toxic stuff get in a open area away from kids etc. and don't breath it, some kind of mask can reduce your exposure. work safe