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10-22-2004, 01:29 PM
Does anyone do anything special to winterize thier ballast tank and the supply/empty waterpumps for the tank?

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10-22-2004, 02:26 PM
PROSTAR 205, X-2, X-STAR, MARISTAR 210, MARISTAR 230, X-10, X-30:
Step 1: If your boat does not already have this equipment, cut 1 in front of the shut-off valve,
insert a tee in the line and clamp. Insert a nipple, washer and cap.
Step 2: When winterizing, remove the cap and attach the hose to the water hose fitting on the
tee. Put the other end into a gallon of non-toxic, RV-type antifreeze.
Step 3: Turn on one pump to fill and pump until antifreeze comes out the thru-hull. Then shut off.
Step 4: Repeat on all pumps.
Step 5: After placing antifreeze in all three pumps, turn all pumps to fill and pump anti-freeze into the tanks and/or bags.

PROSTAR 197, X-7, PROSTAR 209, X-9:
Step 1: Attach a hose to the starboard side ballast hose that comes out of the deck at the rear seat.
Step 2: Place the other end into a gallon of non-toxic, RV-type anti-freeze.
Step 3: Turn the pump on to empty and pump anti-freeze into the system until anti-freeze comes out of the thru-hull on the side.
Step 4: Turn the pump on to fill and pump antifreeze back into the jug.

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