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06-20-2006, 08:09 PM
I ripped the deck out of my '88 Tristar 190 and hooked up an amp using the pos/neg deck cables. The amp was too much and blew what I thought was a fuse that is inline on the power cable from the original deck (little 5 amp or something), so I ran new pos/neg 8 gauge cable for the amp, hooked up the interior speakers, along with the ipod and it cranks loud!

Now, when I turn my key on the ignition, the left gauges don't work and the right ones max out real quick, the needle just shoots to max. Also, when I turn on the bilge pump, it runs very low like the battery is almost dead but the battery is good.

Any ideas on what to troubleshoot? I don't have a flush kit so I couldn't start the boat up but the starter would crank/turn just fine when I did turn the key for 1 second.

HELP!!!! I've even charged the battery overnight just to verify, no luck. Is there fuses anywhere that I could have blown? I tried resetting all the things on the dash with the push button resets.

I'm stumped.........please help a fellow MC owner out!

06-21-2006, 12:40 PM
Don't all respond at once now..... :D

I'm not positive that this was the fix but I pulled the cover off the circuit breaker and it looked like the ground was loose, so I screwed it down tight. I then went and turned the key 1 click and all guages work fine again. I don't know too much about automotive electronics but I do know having a bad ground can cause problems.

Hopefully its fixed for good. Could have just been a total coincedence on this all happening while I hooked up my amp. I dunno.....

Thanks for.............well, thanks for letting me post my problem somewhere! :woohoo:

07-26-2006, 10:25 AM
Hey dude I did the exact same thing yesterday. Hooked up an amp to the acc. switch. worked fine until it was cranked then it popped the fuse. did you run the 8 gauge wire on the same side? Or did you run a wire on each side of the boat? Need to fix mine today. A loose ground wire can cause all sorts of problems, hopefully you got this one pegged!