View Full Version : where can i find...

05-30-2006, 06:49 PM
...the two front side seats on my boat (92 prostar 205)? the guy i bought it from said he'd get them from the upholstery guy he took it to but apparantly the guy threw them out b/c it had been 4 months or something. do you guys know where i can pick up some aftermarket ones or a salvage yard or anywhere that i can find some? thanks

05-30-2006, 07:17 PM
I guess you could keep an eye out on ebay.. Specifically, what parts are missing? What color is the boat/ upholstery? How about a snapshot of your interior??

05-30-2006, 07:43 PM
Check with Tennesseeski. He may have the ones out of his boat they just totalled>