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05-30-2006, 01:56 PM
I posted last week about the new wetsounds company that has designed a speaker for our purpose. The back ground of the company simple, speaker guru's saw the market and made a product that was specific to the environment. I am not picking on other designs, but other high end speakers that do sound great use car audio and put it in enclosures. These (Pro 80's) were designed from there own compenents etc etc, for technical stuff on-line.
I have to say that these speakers changed the boating experience. Whether on the boat, behind the boat or in the water waiting to picked up everything slows down and is more relaxed with the clear sound of your favorite tunes on the water. I personally have always messed around with car audio, nothing was ever loud or clear enough. Alpine, Fosgate, MTX and Clarion are all companies i have owned and nothing is quite as dramatic as adding these speakers...I talking 2 12's bangning off the hatch of the ole 5.0 in college have made everyone smile as much as these speakers.
The boys at Wetsounds are great to work with and as patient as everyone is skeptical. For 850$ you cant afford to wait for others.
I ran a fosgate 450,2 to the tower and alpine 240 to the boat, fade the front and rear between the 2 and man does it sound awesome. The battery held up for 2 days at volume on the water, 30 seconds and you can turn the speakers to shore.
Everything is well engineered and fit and finish is A+.
I would highly recommend the product.

05-30-2006, 02:21 PM
i told you! those speakers rock. i want to get some , but i already have 4 decent ones..