View Full Version : need isolator help

05-30-2006, 12:56 AM

I need someone to make sure I did this right. I installed a 2nd battery in my 88 PS190. Following the advice of other team members I also added a battery isolator - I read the "official thread". Here's were I get a bit confused. In the "single" battery configuration the "pos" cable from the battery routes to the starter solenoid mounted on the rear of the engine. Since I just want to "gang" the batteries (exactly the same batteries - Seavolt AGM's) for reliable starting: Is it okay to hook the this cable ("pos" to starter solenoid) up to the A (Alternaotr) terminal on the isolator and hook B1 & B2 up to the positive terminals on the 2 batteries?

Note: The install manual for the isolator has me routing a small gage wire from the terminal (output?) on the alternator (where orange wire hooks up) to the Alternator position and the B1 position on the isolator.

Can someone let me know if this is okay or if I have totally screwed the pooch?