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05-25-2006, 08:31 AM

Just received my bimini from Westland with Sunbrella fabrics.
On the mounting kit it has a Deck Hinge Angle Base. I'm pretty sure this won't work as I want it mounted on the 2 sides of the boat under the side windshields. Should I need some Deck Hinge Side Mount 25 Base or Deck Hinge Side Mount? When you are not operating with the bimini, can we just leave it in front of the windshield? Do you remove it from the brackets?

If anyone has alredy installed it on his PS190 93', can you please post some pictures?

many thanks in advance.

05-25-2006, 10:57 AM
My 96 was mounted similar to what you want to do. Mounted to the windshield frame. Just alittle bracket w/ threaded hole that a bolt held the frame mount on.
I would put the boot on it, fold it forward and bungee down to the front hooks that held the bimini straps. Towed it that way too. No scuffing to the gelcoat at all, although it did scuff the winshiled frame a little (right in the middle where the boot sat on top of it).

05-25-2006, 11:26 AM
i bought some hardware at west m,arine to make mine work...

05-25-2006, 02:24 PM

Your setup looks like the one I want to do. When you don't use your bimini, do you remove it from the brackets or do you leave it in front of the boat? I would like to put it down around the windshield when I don't need it or when I put the cover on it.

Do you have a more details pict. (zoom) on how it is attached on the sides?

thanks this help me a lot.


05-25-2006, 02:28 PM
I used the variable angle mounts from Overtons. I'll try to find another pic with the bimini in front of the windshield. I rarely take it off the boat anymore even if I know I'm not going to use it on an evening ski run.

05-25-2006, 02:38 PM
Top down. I just had zippers put in last month ($28) so I can finally use the bimini top and the air boom at the same time.

05-25-2006, 03:21 PM
Mine is mounted to the windshield frame and will fold forward in front of the windshield onto the bow.

05-25-2006, 03:23 PM
If you tow a lot I would reccomend doing it like I had on my '88 with solid supports at the rear. Trailered it all the time in the up and stowed position like this photo.

05-25-2006, 05:02 PM
Thanks for all those pics. This will help me a lot for the final installation.