View Full Version : Changing steering cable on Maristar210

05-12-2006, 05:27 PM
After trying everything else....I have purchased a new cable for my 2000 Maristar 210......has anyone here changed one of these before....PLEASE help....any suggestions would be appreciated.


05-14-2006, 06:39 PM
I'm sure the Prostar and Maristar are a little different, but I believe they all use the same type of system. I just completed my 2000 Prostar 195. I bought the cable from my local mastercraft dealer and installed in about 3 hours. For my boat, its a 19' cable. The cable is a teleflex SSC 13419, back mount single rack cable 19. Toughest part of the job was disconnecting the cable from the rudder link, because it sits directly under the gas tank and makes access difficult. Move the rudder back and forth to find the easiest angle to work on the cable to rudder link connection. After everything was disconnected, I tied a cord to the old cable (at the rudder end) and then pulled the cable and my cord out through the front of the boat (steering wheel end). Then I tied the cord to the new cable and started by threading the rudder end of the cable at the steering wheel and then pulling on the cord from the aft end of the boat. Worked well, except the cable did get caught between the oil pan and the bolts sticking through the hull for the strakes. My cable was not tacked to the hull in any location (ie only connected at the steering wheel and the rudder. Make sure you grease the rudder link fittings when complete. I was able to pull up floor boards at the aft end of the Prostar for access, however with the Maristar you'll have to find where the aft end of the cable connects to the rudder.

Really just 3 connections:
1. Four bolts where the flat rectangluar bar sits on the steering wheel rack. (7/16 inch)
2. The rudder linkage connector (9/16 inch) (Very close to the rudder)
3. The torque tube (nomenclature??) connector. (1 1/8 inch) About a foot forward of the rudder.

05-22-2006, 09:49 PM
Thanks for you reply.......with a little help from a friend...and you good comments.....I have now changed the cable and now you can basically steer my boat with one finger instead of both arms.....thanks again for your reply