View Full Version : Replace fuel pump??

05-08-2006, 09:56 AM
How hard is this to do on a 2001 310 Predator (for someone with reasonable mechanical skills)?

Before getting ahead of myself, my boat would only start with partial throttle, died a few times before it quit completely. I don't hear the fuel pump "sound" when I turn the key - and the plugs are totally dry.

The dealer is about an hour away - would rather do it myself. Input??

05-08-2006, 10:43 AM
What have you checked to verify that the pump is the cause? Fuel pressure test is the only way and having to crack the throttle doesn't work for this. The pump is in the tank so you'll need to either remove a floor panel or open the rear storage compartment to hear it. If you open the motor cover and turn the key, you should hear a click from the relay.

If you have run the tank dry, the impeller could be bad. If you have done this several times, the probability is high that it is. Either way, the only way to be sure is by testing the fuel pressure and again, cracking the throttle does nothing to show that the pump is bad.

How clean is your flame arrestor?

If the dealer is an hour away, where are you getting the pump from? What about the filter on the pump? It could be that, too, but cracking the throttle will not help to indicate this. If it runs with the throttle open and not closed, it's more likely that there's a problem with the IAC.

05-08-2006, 06:13 PM
Been there and done it on same 310 efi engine. Pump is inside tank and yes you can check it with a volt meter to wires at pump but heres the deal. The pump is activated on for a few seconds when you first turn ignition key on. So you need another person to turn the key as you watch the meter to see that voltage is getting there. If you are getting juice to the pump/tank and you hear no noise from pump then yours is out. It can be replaced by yourself. You need to purchase special tool(s) to remove the high pressure fittings on the top of the gas tank but not a huge deal. You can get them at Autozone etc. as they are used also for a/c hoses. If you ever run out of gas you can easily kill your pump on 01 model especially as they are prone to failure shortly after running them dry--as mine died at the time I ran out. Newer replacement pumps have been improved. I called Rambo marine and they as a few questions and said yep its your pump and purchased a new one on the phone and they fedex shipped to me as I am 2 plus hours from them. good luck