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04-24-2006, 09:05 AM
Never bought a battery for a MC and the one that came w/ the boat when i bought it 3 years ago died this wknd. What is the recommended type batt and best place to buy? (1999 210 VRS)


04-24-2006, 09:19 AM
Optima Blue Top. Found them at Costco for $145..

School Skier
04-24-2006, 09:23 AM
I use Interstate batterys. They have never failed yet. I change them every three years.

04-24-2006, 09:23 AM
Never bought a battery for a MC and the one that came w/ the boat when i bought it 3 years ago died this wknd. What is the recommended type batt and best place to buy? (1999 210 VRS)


Huge question with lots of answers. People will answer here with their favorite battery brand, but the truth is it doesn't make much difference for standard applications - just about any standard marine battery will give you at least the 3 years you got out of the last one, longer if you maintain it properly. The thing that causes a battery to die is sulfation of the plates, which is caused by discharge. Eventually, the battery has too many internal shorts that causes rapid self discharge.

Optima Blue is a good battery that's well made, reliable, and expensive. Note that if it's not cared for properly, it won't last much, if any, longer than the last one and you'll have spent $175 on it instead of $75 for a standard deep-cycle battery. Optima Blue does have lower rate of self discharge than standard batteries, and that's important for a marine battery that may very well sit for extended periods without being used/charged.

Bottom line, IMHO, if you need an extreme-duty battery that won't be charged much, you have difficult starting issues that require a lot of immediate oomph to get the engine turned over, or you're going to let it sit all winter without a battery maintainer on it, get the Optima Blue. Personally, I use my boat a lot during the season and keep it on a float charger all winter, and I don't have big current draw issues, so I'd just buy a plain-old deep-cycle marine battery. If money is no object, get the Optima Blue.

04-24-2006, 09:28 AM
Mac is right on. I just replaced my blue top with a standard marine battery.
I did get almost 5 seasons with the blue top though and I did not always properly care for it...

04-24-2006, 09:29 AM
I'm with Bigmac, depends a little on how you use it. I do not listen to the radio loud, keep battery inside on smart charger during the winter and have 3 season's on a $39 Walmart battery. The Optimas and other AGM type batteries are really great, but cost much more.

Kevin 89MC
04-24-2006, 10:07 AM
I had some trouble with my marine battery after a few years. Wouldn't start up when warm. I put in a standard automotive battery and no problems so far. Some others have said marine deep cycle batteries may not be the best choice for inboards, we are starting car engines after all. My :twocents:

04-24-2006, 10:25 AM
Deep cycle batteries are for accessories and are rated for amp-hours, not cold cranking amps. The Interstate batteries for cranking work great. We used to sell one that was about 850 CCA with good results.

04-24-2006, 10:26 AM
Thx for the insight. Think i'll go with the same batt i'm replacing....regular car batt that did fine for 3 seasons.

east tx skier
04-24-2006, 10:32 AM
I'm on my third maintenance free season with a Delco marine battery. I keep meaning to get a battery tender, but disconnecting the negative terminal has been enough over the winter so far. Ran me less than $70.

Workin' 4 Toys
04-24-2006, 11:22 PM
I've got an Interstate in, and a Blue Top Optima as a back up. Take the Optima out on rare occasion with the trolling motor boat for a slow cruise to stretch its legs, but otherwise it is the back up.