View Full Version : Anyone from Fort Collins?

04-16-2006, 10:27 PM
Hi - is anyone here from Ft. Collins CO? My wife and I have put it on a list of possible places to live. Just wanted to ask some questions from a skier's perspective.

04-16-2006, 10:36 PM
Lived in Greeley for 22 years. Might be able to give you a helping hand. There are a few Denver folks on here who would also know the water scene. Public waters are a no-no in Colorado

04-17-2006, 11:53 AM
I live in Erie, just North of Denver. The front range is a great place to live. Fort Collins is a neat city. As far as skiing, Jrandol is right, the public water gets crowded unless you go out on the weekdays. There are quite a few public lakes around here to choose from, and it does get better if you're willing to drive a few hours. There is also a lot of private water in Northen Colorado, so if you are lucky enough to get on somewhere, thats your best bet. It been a great spring so far with a lot of 70's and 80's this year. We started our season in mid March and it will go to November. Can't beat the climate out here.