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09-27-2004, 09:37 PM
I'm considering purchasing a 1993 Maristar 225. After an initial survey, I found that the shaft, strut, prop and rudder had recently been replaced. I've found no cracks in the immediate area where the strut and rudder join the hull, however, I was wondering what type of damage would you expect to the hull and stringer from bottoming out to this extent. The boat is being sold through a dealer who doesn't have the history on the repairs. Also, the pylon is tilting about 2 degrees off center, so I'm concerned a stringer could have come loose.

Thanks for any input. :confused:

east tx skier
09-28-2004, 10:58 AM
Having recently run over something with a mastercraft, the fact that the underwater gear had been replaced wouldn't completely scare me like it may have in the past. My father in law's boat now runs more smoothly than it did before. But then again, I kept the records of the repairs and could tell you exactly what was done. A key thing to consider is that the engine needed to be properly realigned when work like this gets done.

You mention hull damage in the post title, but you haven't mentioned any signs of exterior hull damage. I'd suggest getting up under the boat with a flashlight and looking for inconsistencies in the gel coat. You may not be able to find them. Run your hand over the surface. It ought to feel smooth as can be. It's quite possible that whatever the person hit didn't damage anything but the running gear. The only damage the boat I made go smash was from the prop and shaft getting bent up into the hull. Even in this case, the damage was minimal.

As for the pylon, does it move? Is there play in it? These things can come loose over time, and it might just need to be tightened up.

If you're unsure about the stringers, ask to take it to a boat restoration place to get it evaluated. If they won't let you, and you can't satisfy yourself otherwise, walk away.

09-28-2004, 04:38 PM
Thanks. I ran out of time on my initial survey of the Maristar 225, but I'm heading up again to give it a more thorough look and take her out on the lake as aside from what damage could have occured underneath, it's a beautiful boat and deserves a chance. The gel coat looks practically new from a few feet, but will crawl underneath as you suggest with a flashlight and check for anything unusual.

The connection between the pylon being slightly tilted off center and whatever accident happened to have to replace the shaft, strut, prop, rudder, came to me after I was home. I seem to remember the pylon being thru bolted to a plate rather than with u bolts, which made me think that an impact at that point could have slightly seperated a stringer near the pylon, as the pylon was bolted tight with no movement, but just guessing. I would imagine a stringer busted loose at that point would make the hull pretty weak.

I'm asking these questions to this group as from a search I found several folks discussing replacement prop, shafts, etc from impacts from various objects, so thought there might be a lot of experience with the type of damage that can occur to a Mastercraft hull when you run up on a log, rock, etc.

09-28-2004, 10:22 PM
I have a friend with a '93 Prostar; the pylon on his boat was tilted also. He's real sure that it wasn't due to damage, but that the boat was built that way. Same vintage as the one you're looking at, so it might have the same cause.


east tx skier
09-29-2004, 10:32 AM
When I'm towing, I'm often able to convince myself that my pylon is slightly off center. But maybe it's the handle on my motorbox. That pylon is sturdy as I've seen.