View Full Version : Trailer dolly for shallow ramps?

09-27-2004, 01:38 PM
So the local public ramp on Liberty Lake is closing for the winter this week & our private ramp is so shallow these days that the prop drags in the sand when getting on or off the trailer. So I'm thinking about making a trailer dolly with about an 8' tongue on the front of it. Sort of like this concept: http://www.extend-a-hitch.com

My idea is if it's a dolly with a long tongue, anyone could use it, rather than just having it on one trailer. I'm sure backing up with this dolly will be a pain but if the truck/trailer are lined up straight on the ramp, block the trailer tires, disconnect, pull the truck forward, insert the dolly, unblock the trailer, then back the whole thing straight in......... will it work? Anyone ever tried it?

09-27-2004, 02:40 PM
You can buy standard 2" extensions for trailer hitches. They are sold at a lot of RV shops that carry truck campers. The campers hang over the back of the bumper and you need an extension if you want to tow anything. I used to teach waterskiing and we had a 3' extension on the back of our truck to deal with the shallow salt-water ramp. Worked pretty good, but you might have to get one custom made to go longer.