View Full Version : Waterpump & depthfinder 2004 X2

03-27-2006, 03:38 AM
I have 2 questions about our 2004 X2 with the 310 predator engine.
First: which hoses goes where on the waterpump? I attached the water intake hose on the lower part of the raw water pump and the hose going to the engine on the higher part of the raw water pump. Is this correct, I forgot how it was installed before the winter.
Second: We received a MC depthfinder which needs to be installed onto the tacho. But there is no installation note included. The sensor is not the problem, but where to install the main module (somewhere under the dash I presume)? The wired are all there (the main module only has the power wires, a connector for the sensor and a connector for the tacho), so it should just be plug&play?

05-03-2006, 06:10 AM
Okay, figured the waterpump out. It was the way as I descriped.

Only the depthfinder isn't working. I just pluged it in the connector with the same wires hanging under the dashboard (fits perfectly), connected the sensor and placed the sensor onto the floor before the transmission. Lastly connected the last 2 wires to the power suply. What happened: nothing! I just scroll through the the tach lcd screen and only time, hours and lake temperature shows.
What have I done wrong, or should I still do?