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03-20-2006, 10:40 PM
The wife and I are heading to Miami on Wed. and I have scheduled a few sets at McGinnis Ski School in Ft Lauderdale for Thursday. Anyone been there? I haven't skied since late October, so it is going to be sad, but I am pumped. Hopefully when I get home, the snow will be gone and I can start thinking about spring here a MN. We are staying in Naples for a few days, as well as a quick hop to Key West, any suggestions??????

03-20-2006, 10:47 PM
So, your head'n dwn to Lauderdale? Congrats! ...
My 'ole homestead and place of birth.
I was born and rasied a Lauderdale beach bum, lived beachside 23 years.

I had a page and a half of places for you to visit last night, then I went and pulled a ('doh') Homer Simpson and lost everything. So, now I going to wing it - the best that I can and try to remember everything I had written down.

I hope you check this post before you leave, print out suggested places to go and take it w/ you.

You'll really impress the wife, w/ "your local knowledge" of the town.
She'll think, you've lived there before.

If I took my wife to Lauderdale for 1 day, (as a local) this is what we'd do and where we'd go.

Hit North end of Lauderdale beach early around 8:30-9am, you'll probably only want to stay 3-4hrs,
with so much more to do! BRING PLENTY OF SUNSCREEN!

I'm not always into the crowds when accompaned by my wife.
If it's Spring Break, parking spaces will fill up fast.

To avoid large crowds (peace and quite) go on the North end of the beach (most local's go, here) North of Sunrise Blvd across from Birch State Park. Here you'll find 3 1/2 miles of solitude beach, starts here and heads North. You both can walk it all the way up, just South of Oakland Prk Blvd. Nice together kind of walk - very semi- isoltated .

Most "Spring Breakers" head to South Beach - Miami. For those that do stay, them and upstate tourist etc. usually head South of Sunrise Blvd. Most of the action for college kids, use to be along the strip in front of all the bars facing the beach 1-3 miles further South. Traffic, years ago was impossible, last time I was there. Local city officals went as far as making a split, 3/4 way down on A1A South of Sunrise Blvd (use to be able to travel up/ dwn North & South) along the beach for miles.

One could more distance during Spring Break on their feet, then sitt'n inside a car. Times may of changed, I've recently read where the city's attempting to clean up any and all "riff raff". Most of 'em now head to Cancun, I suppose.

So, after the beach; here's the way to see the rest.

2pm - 4pm Time Slot

The Water (Bus) Taxi is the way to go ...
Water Taxi (http://http://www.watertaxi.com/FortLauderdale/FLLHome.Asp)

Water Taxi, Inc.
1850 SE 17th Street, Suite 106A
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
Tel: (954) 467-6677
Fax: (954) 728-8417

Water Bus is a unique alternative to traditional transportation, providing a comfortable and relaxng way to tour beautiful Fort Lauderdale via "The Intercoastal Waterway". The Water Bus offers it's patrons, all day passes ($10) that allow passengers views of "Multi-Billion" Dollar Homes owned by movie stars, producers, and Forbes 500 CEO's etc.

It'll stop and depart @ local shops (wife will :love: this) and mall area attractions of exclusive high dollar business areas with the opportunity to hop on and off at all the landings (bars/restaruants) along the way, while cruising the Intercoastal Waterway as often as you desire.

This is one of the most economical and enjoyable ways to see Fort Lauderdale. Make sure that you stop here, (#1) and have a drink(s)
on the docks. HUGH MILLION $$$$ DOLLAR YACHTS tie up here, awesome to look at and :drool: over.

Located on the Intracoastal waterway in Fort Lauderdale,
Shooters "Must See" destination outdoor dockside and live entertainment

Stop #11 - Las Olas Riverfront local shops $$$ and area mall attractions along exclusive high dollar business area district with the opportunity to hop on and off and spend all your money.

4pm-5pm Time Slot

Bahia Cabana --"Best Rum Runners"
Bahia Cabana (http://www.bahiacabanaresort.com/restaurant.htm)
overlooking Bahia Mar, Fort Lauderdale's Largest Boat Marina.

Get a seat near the water! Order a couple of Rum Runners!
After a few of these, you both will be walking home :)
You'll thank me later -- I promise, or I'll pickup your tab. :uglyhamme

5pm - 7pm Time Slot

Now finally, for dinner.
Stay away from any and all high $$ establishments.
Believe me, there all over rated and the food su*ks :rant:

EAT HERE ONLY! It's not much on front outside appearance, but once inside it's nice. Sitting right on the water, next to marina's and fancy homes w/ beautiful sunset view' a very relaxing finish w/ dinner atmosphere.

South Port Raw Bar-- "Best Seafood Ever"
South Port Raw Bar (http://www.southportrawbar.com/)
Get a seat dockside near the water!
Order basket of grouper fingers w/ raw oysters or clams on half shell.

South Port Raw Bar
Early Happy Hour
Monday - Friday
5pm - 7pm

Com'on back and post your expericence w/ us.
I'd be very interested to hear your comments re: suggested places.
Hope you enjoy Fort Lauderdale, got room for 1 more?

Workin' 4 Toys
03-21-2006, 12:09 AM
You are going to stop at South Beach too right?

03-21-2006, 06:46 AM
Been to mcGuiness in 94, very nice site!
Brent could chime in more as he goes there 3 times a winter... :eek:

03-21-2006, 09:19 AM
Scheduled a few sets at McGinnis in Ft Lauderdale for Thursday, any suggestions?????? Jamisonsbrodie,
Refer to post dated yesterday @ 10:47pm Post #2 :)

03-21-2006, 07:39 PM
Thanks for all the info, I will definately check out some of the sites that you suggested. I am going to try to get to South Beach, but our time on the Atlantic coast will be somewhat limited, mainly just on that side for the skiing, otherwise we will be in Naples and Key West.