View Full Version : Alternator Upgrade for '02 L-18 X30

03-06-2006, 03:52 PM
Can someone tell me what is involved with upgrading the stock 51A alternator on my '02 X30 with the L-18? I am in the process of installing my new stereo and have been told that my alternator will not keep up with the load requirements. I am running a Kicker KX850.4 and KX600.1 with 4 pairs of the Clarion 1632s and a Kicker 12" L5 sub. I have two Blue Top Optima D34Ms, a 120A NewMar Isolator and a battery switch.

The stock alternator is a Leece-Neville putting out 51A, Model No. 8MR2084K. I have been talking to a local auto electric shop that says they can up the output on it fairly easily.