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07-29-2004, 04:21 PM
Sorry guys, but this subject needs to come over here to keep it in the forefront of the MasterCraft engineers or who-ever else is reading these post.

Spoke with MC last week regarding issue with 197 and fuel filling issues. Was assured they were looking into the problem. My concern is that this is what I heard last year about this time and no changes have occured. The boat is coming out of warranty this month and I want SOLUTIONS! I received a solution for the gas capacity (for those who have read the "old" post), they will install the "newly designed tank". Maybe this will help with the filling problem, but I doubt it. Also have concerns regarding the vinyl. According to my "cleaning manual" Gas is BAD and will remove the top protective coat. I want all vinyl in contact with fuel spills replaced. Do you think I am out of line on this request? I contacted G&T Industries clean up line and asked what would happen if fuel was spilled on my vinyl, answer "Bad, may dry vinyl or cause yellowing in addition to removing protective cover." I have kept quiet for the last 3-4 months regarding my boat and the many issues I have experienced. Now I feel like it is time to put some pressure on MC before the 1 year warranty is through and I am left with no recourse except "Good-Will". I am not willing to discuss all problems I have encountered since many have been recently resolved.

east tx skier
07-29-2004, 04:47 PM
Stay after them on it. They have been stagnant on the issue for a long time (I assume since my 93 has the same issue, and the issue probably goes back further than that).

If they don't replace your vinyl, however, isn't that 303 stuff what you're supposed to spray on your seats to replenish the UV protection? Also, if you don't get them replaced, Brian had a good post about mink oil keeping the vinyl from drying out.

It's too late for me and many others as far as getting MC to act on this issue for our boats. I hope you get it resolved. Good luck.

07-29-2004, 05:11 PM
I'm hoping I won't have to push to hard. I feel very strongly that they know they have a problem. I spoke with Customer Service last week and they requested pictures, I laughed and told them they could have pictures but how could they see the "invisible" protection is no longer there? I will say I have had several issues regarding staining of the vinyl with this boat. The engine cover is currently stained but being replaced. The original MC cover left a sticky residue anywhere it touched the boat or vinyl. Only way to remove was a harsh chemical the delarship used.....Have feeling this removed protection as well. I spent BIG $$ on this boat, and want it right. I'm tird of being "heard"........I want "ACTION"! Since many of you know that I am from Orlando, I will also say this. Liquid Sports has been very accomodating, but MC in my opinion, will not make the BIG decision unless I make the phone call and push them.

east tx skier
07-29-2004, 05:18 PM
This is just one man's opinion, but I'd follow that phone call up with a certified/return receipt requested letter memorializing exaclty what was discussed in that phone call, good, bad, or indifferent. Make sure you keep a copy. It only takes a few minutes to draft and is the sort of thing that gets a company's attention, i.e., a customer putting transactions in writing just in case he needs them later. This is true even if you, in fact, have no intention of taking it past a phone call.