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02-10-2006, 04:21 PM
Has anyone experienced with changing the rudders on an older boat like say my 89 tristar in an effort to improve the tracking?? Also, are the newer steering systems any better? I seem to have a little play in there but it's not in the cable or the linkage.

Any suggestions??

02-10-2006, 04:49 PM
your best bet would be to shave the rudder.

east tx skier
02-10-2006, 04:52 PM
I, too, would suggest a little rudder loading. Just a little.

02-10-2006, 06:51 PM

02-10-2006, 07:02 PM
:D The tracking characteristics come from the front fins.

thats right, replace your stock fins with larger ones.. :D

02-12-2006, 12:55 AM
I am not familiar with an 89 Tristar but I know owners of older boats have replaced their steering systems with more modern rack and pinion versions to get better steering response. Doesn't really improve "tracking" but will help the control issues.