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09-16-2004, 10:10 AM
My gauge frequently pegs above 80 psi, even at idle.

With a hand held direct mount it reads normal, 40 @ idle and 70 @ running speed.

'03 PS-197
Preditor motor
51 hours

The dealer has replaced;

The sending unit
The MMDC computer
The gauge
Installed a better ground wire

Any ideas?

09-19-2004, 02:33 AM
No clue :confused:

Ive got a 01 205V predator and the same problem.
after replacing MMDC and guage it does happen "less" often than before but thats all

09-19-2004, 08:05 AM
Have the dealer call MC or the company for trouble shooting info. If the dealer sent their techs to training, they should have gotten a test harness for the gauges, along with a long discussion on test procedures and manufacturer contacts. If they don't have the harness, they can always ask for one. They should also check the main harness for corrosion where it attaches to the MDC box.

09-20-2004, 08:13 PM
crdickey---I can’t help but think I have a similar gauge problem to that in your 03 197. I sent the following response to two other threads “trash” and “John Crowley”, see “paddlewheel intermittent” who both had gauge problems with their 02 X7 & 197 respectively. It seems like more than a fair share of 197 based hulls are having gauge problems. Is MasterCraft aware of these issues? If these were automobiles there would be a mandatory recall. What is our warranty period on gauges/electrical systems?

:confused: Speedo, paddlewheel, MDC unit problem?
I also have an 02 PS 197 Pro Tournament Team boat with a failed speedo. I had the speedo GPS calibrated and it was working fine earlier this summer. One day the speedo started reading 50 MPH while the boat was moving slowly. That symptom lasted about a day, now the speedo gauge does not work at all. My Perfect Pass continues to work fine and read the MPH with a slight speed offset as usual. Doesn’t the Perfect Pass get its signal from the paddlewheel? Is this a speedo gauge, paddlewheel, or MDC unit failure? I have read on other threads that the MDC unit is covered under warranty for 5 years, how about the gauges and paddlewheel warranty period? Is there any way to isolate which component has failed?

09-20-2004, 10:35 PM
Re-read my last post about how they can find out what is causing the problem. If the dealers are keeping up with their training, they should have gotten the test harness in fall of 2000, if they had their franchise at that time. If not, they should have gotten it when they became dealers.

09-25-2004, 09:49 PM
Dealer is California Skier in So. Cal.

They say they have tried everything and then finally blamed it on the user installed "Heater Craft" heater. Said is was causing a grounding problem and that it was not going to be covered under warantee. If I wanted them to try and fix it they would charge me $90.00 per hour.

I called Heater Craft and they told me to disconnect it and see if the problem goes away, I did, it didn't.

This is the third time I've had them blame me for their inability to diagnose a problem. Each time, I've found they have been wrong about their diagnosis and recently received a refund of the $500.00 they charged me for thrie repair which did'nt resolve the problem.

On a 2003 PS-197 ($48,000.00) I've got 2 years left on my warantee and no confidence in my local dealer and am 500 miles away from the next dealer.

09-25-2004, 11:28 PM
Sounds like it's time to talk to Chuck about his service techs. And get a refund for the time they took to find what they told you caused the problem, but were obviously wrong. Also time to get MC involved again. They are aware of California Skier. Well aware.

09-29-2004, 12:28 AM
JimN - Thanks for your help but calling Chuck Sax didn't help much.

I spoke to Chuck @ CA Skier (nice guy) but he's backing his service guys. I took my brand new boat to an ex Correct Craft mechanic now independant, Bill Wilson, and he seems to think he's solved the problem (at least it was gone while he ran it in his shop) He traced it to a faulty ( or insufficient) grounding strip. When the 2 gauge ground wire comes up under the dash it is connected to a grounding strip. All the individual gauges ground wires are attached to this strip including the oil pressure gauge. He moved the oil pressure ground over to the main 2 gauge ground and the oil presure gauge started operating normally.

Can't get it out on the water for a week but I'll post a message after I do.

Interesting detail: As I may have mentioned, this boat is fully loaded, mini tower with lights and speakers, amps , stereo, X-7 ballast system, MTS ballast system, etc., and as we watched the oil pressure gauge, every time we turned on another accessory the pressure gauge read higher and higher until it was pegged above 80 psi, all this at idle! Looks like MC should rethink their grounding system.

Question: Bill Wilson is a trained and certified Indmar tech, can he do my MC warrantee work if needed? 'cause I'd like to stay away from CA Skier if I can.

BTW - I had a couple beers with Bill Wilson and the local Indmar guy in Corona, he said CA Skier has not sent anyone to MC training. How can this be that the only MC dealer in 400 miles has no qualified tech's?

09-29-2004, 12:55 AM
Is Bob the local Indmar guy? I would be calling MC ASAP if I were you. If they aren't keeping up the training certifications, MC needs to be reminded about it. Talk to the warranty dept. They had a really hard time trying to fix my cousin's boat, and it was just a problem cranking. When I looked at it, there were loose wires, loose exhaust manifold bolts, some corroded contacts and a missing ground on one of the solenoids. Took me about an hour to tighten everything and get it to crank and I didn't have any of my own tools.

The accessories need to be checked for current draw. The amplifier needs its own ground. The low current things should have their own ground and the rest of the accessories that draw more current, if given their own ground, shouldn't affect the gauges since the battery can act as more of a buffer. The alternator at idle doesn't supply it's maximum charging current. If you have so many accessories that your voltage drop at idle is that excessive, it's time to add a second battery. That way, the voltage won't drop so much, your gauges will be more accurate and steady, and all of the electronics will last longer.

10-16-2004, 07:39 PM
Problem resolved! The folowing is a letter I sent to Chuck Sax @ CA Skier explaining the resolution. Not sure if he'll bother to reply.


I thought it important to follow up on our last conversation concerning my oil pressure gauge problem. I took my boat back to __________ and he also determined that when you turn on the heater he installed the oil pressure gauge was being adversely affected. He also determined the tower lights and ballast systems he installed had the same adverse effect on the oil pressure gauge. What’s important to note was the factory installed navigation lights, engine blower and bilge pump all did the same exact thing, all affected the oil pressure reading, causing it to read high. The more accessories turned on the higher the oil pressure readings until it pegged.

_____ disconnected all the accessories he had installed and still the problem remained when switching on the navigation lights, engine blower or bilge pump. The MasterCraft ground system comes up under the dash to a post and is dispersed through grounding strip and all the accessories are ground to that strip. ____ tried attaching a jumper ground wire from each accessory’s ground wire directly to the grounding post bypassing the grounding strip. Each test proved to resolve the problem by using a direct ground wire instead of the MasterCraft installed grounding strip. ____ feels that there was probably a coating or something on that strip preventing a good path to ground and by disconnecting and cleaning all the connections was able to improve the contacts and resolve the issue. So I had him do the same with all the factory connections and they now do not affect the oil gauge. He did all this with out charging me. When I spoke with MasterCraft about this problem originally, they surmised the problem to be a grounding problem and recommended the direct ground wire approach __________ used; I’m not sure why your guy’s couldn’t have done this.

It is clear to me that when your guys noticed the heater affecting the oil gauge they stopped looking for the cause and blamed ___________. This was a factory problem and should have been resolved at your facility and under warrantee. Each of the three times I’ve come to your service department I have been blamed for causing the problems and each time it has proved not to be the case.

For years I had been looking forward to buying my new MasterCraft, they are the best boat on the market and I was determined to buy the best one MC offers. I was looking forward to working with your dealership to buy my new boat and am sorely disappointed to have been forced to spend my money elsewhere. I bought my boat ($48,900.00 cash) from another dealer because I was not treated well by your sales manager now I have this problem with your service department. All in all my MasterCraft buying experience has been terrible and it will be very difficult for me to consider California Skier when I decide to upgrade or refer any of my friends. I want to know going forward where I stand with respect to the balance of my warrantee. If you need any further details, please don’t hesitate to call me @ ___-___-____

10-17-2004, 10:40 AM
Send a copy to Mastercraft, attn: John Dorton. He needs to know about this kind of thing. Recommend that he talk to the warranty department because they already know of issues with CA Skier. I had talked to one of the guys at Indmar in TN about them in 1999 and 2000 and he said they were well aware of what had been going on there. As I understand it, Chuck was thinking about selling the dealership at one point but apparently decided to keep it. Have you thought of going to the Better Business Bureau about this?

10-20-2004, 10:55 AM

I sent John Dorton a letter and included a cpoy of the letter to Chuck Sax. If I hear back from one or both of them, I'll post their reply.

Thx., CD