View Full Version : Has anyone ever added brakes to a MC Trailer?

01-25-2006, 03:38 PM
I have a 91 Prostar with a MC Trailer. It does not have brakes. It never has.

Has anyone ever added aftermarket brakes, coupler, accuator, etc?

Any info would be appreciated.

01-27-2006, 09:12 PM
TonyB, go to general discussion, page 8, and see post, "Kevin89MC disc brakes", your situation should be simular except you would be adding instead of replacing. If that helps good, if not pm me or e-mail me and i'll get you going in the right direction.

01-29-2006, 02:44 PM
I re-did my hydraulics a couple years back....new actuator, new lines, new wheel cylinders. If I had it to do over again, I'd look at electric brakes and definately would do that if I had to do it from scratch.....

My :twocents:

Anybody converted to electric or done electric from scratch

01-31-2006, 10:01 AM
I feel like the biggest issue with adding brakes is the need to cut off the original tongue. I'm not sure how I would add or attach the new hitch and accuator.

Adding the brakes themselves might require that I change out the hubs but that doesn't seem to be nearly as problematic as the removal and replacement of the existing box metal tongue.

Just hoping (wishing) someone has done this before and can tell me what to expect.

For what it's worth: I almost lost my Ford Expedition into a ditch one afternoon when I was trailering my 91 Prostar in the rain. A downhill turn snuck/sneaked up on me and as I braked and initiated a right hand turn the "freewheeling" boat and trailer caused me to break traction and pushed me to edge of a deep ditch on the opposite side of the road I was turning on to.

It made me think about adding a braking system.

I believe 1991 was the last year Mastercraft made trailers without brakes.

01-31-2006, 12:03 PM
Adding a new actuator is really not as difficult as you would think. If you go with the UFP kit, it is a matter of cutting your toungue off, welding their actuator tube on, installing the actuator and then the brakes. I am converting right now from drums to disc, but I have not kept any old parts so it has basically been a new install. I just got the trailer back from the welder and I can show you how easy it is. There is only one issue I forsee that you might want to check out. On your axles, do you have the square, 4 hole mounting plates? I would imagine you do, but if not you will need to have a set of those welded on to mount the brakes to.

Last Friday I purchased the whole UFP Disc Brake kit from my local trailer store. They charged me $600 out the door. It is a really clean install though and I can not wait to get them mounted... PM me if you have any questions, and I will try to post some pics of my install next week when I get the trailer back from the painter!

01-31-2006, 12:13 PM
Hey Toby,

I was just surfing the net looking for a few things and came across this UFP Bolt on Actuator... so you do not even need to weld. Look over this site they have everything you need to just get an idea.


02-01-2006, 10:28 AM
Thanks. Good info from all you good folks.

Matt L.
02-13-2006, 02:45 PM

They have everything you need as pre-made kits.

Go with the Tie Down Enginnering Stainless Steel disk brake kits.


I replaced my entire brake system on my 240sc tandem axle trailer with their SS brake kit. Be sure to get the reversing solenoid version. I didn't and it can be a pain.

If you are single axle this should be relatively cheap and very easy to install.

Get fancy and replace the axle hubs with oil filled hubs at the same time and you will have a virtually maintenance free trailer setup.

I've had my disk brakes on mine since 2001 and never had a problem. That includes a couple of cross country trips through the mountains.

Do Not go electric! Constant water submersion will fry them quick. Surge brakes will be great for a 190. Champion also gives great technical help. Be sure to ask them what surge coupler to use based on the weight of your boat. Really heavy haulers will use an electric-over-hydraulic system that is the best you can get. It uses an electric actuator to pump hydraulic pressure to the brakes. But you don't need that.

My 0.02,


02-16-2006, 11:22 PM
Thanks Matt.