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12-23-2005, 06:13 PM
My battery died, so I have not been able to test and tweak the tower speakers until today properly.

I went up to West Marine, bought a oil change pump and a few other things.

Ran up to Walmart, bought oil and a few other things including a battery (I will add two blue tops later in the year).

I had not winterized my engine yet, as I have been storing it in my heated shop.

I walked outside today, it was 66 degrees. I ran down to my dock, stood on the ice, and drank a beer with my T-shirt on. Kind of weird.

Anyway, I changed the oil, changed the tranny oil, lubed up everything that I could. Ran the engine to temp with fresh water, then drained it and put 3 gallons of antifreeze in it.

Tested my speakers (I cannot believe just how much they rock), and called it a day.

I also put more sta-bil in the gas before I ran it along with some fuel injector cleaner (half the recommendation), then left the bottle on the rear seat. It leaked, I am pretty sure I will need a new skin. Nice perfect yellow melted looking spot on the vinyl. I cleaned it....will see what happens. Crap.

So, I am about half done with my wish list.

I now need to install my two additional Mastercraft cleats, replace one skin that I already bought, add the shower, and do the teak thing. Also, I have a roll of super thick clear protector that I am going to place as rub protectors on the gunnels. Its the same stuff that you see on a lot of GM cars around the wheel wells and along the edge of the door. Pretty strong stuff. I am testing how easy it is to remove first.

That should take me into spring.

By the way, for all of you that have not changed the oil or winterized your engine yourself...don't make a big deal out of it. With the oil pump hooked up to the drain hose (practicing for when I need to change it on a lift), it took less than five minutes to drain and fill the engine including changing the filter. Even if you don't care about the cost of having it done, its worth doing to get familiar with your boat.

Removing the plugs to drain the block, including the manifold hose takes less than five.

After I drained the block, I ran three gallons of RV antifreeze through it just to be sure....that is overkill...especially because I will keep the boat in a 60 degree building. Again, I am kind of practicing for next year when I will be doing a lot of this while the boat is in my lift. I WAY overestimated the time it would take.

This was a 4 beer job at best (out of 12).

Sitting on my dock with my feet resting on the ice was a good feeling....cant wait for spring though.

12-23-2005, 06:34 PM
I'd say it's a good day of work from you and you deserve to kill those last eight! :friday:
Good job!