View Full Version : Replacing aerator pump on '00 Xstar

07-16-2014, 03:11 PM
I've added a piggyback fatsac onto the vent line for the KGB. It fills fine but not so good on draining. I've never been a fan of aerator pumpy so considering swapping it out with a Jabcsco to help it empty. the only problem I see is that the thru hull for the aerator is on the transom which to me is a daft place as it means I cant fill whilst on the move or if it does fill, then flow rate will be low and it will likely draw air too. I'm guessing my best plan is to add a new thru hull on the underside to avoid any problems, however wondering how best to blank the transom thru hull, any good ideas? Lights are not an option, waste of money in my view.

07-18-2014, 10:05 PM
You could have any decent fiberglass place seal them up. Guessing that will run ya at leas 200 on the very low end. I am not aware of any other plug to fill the hole.

The jabsco won't suck nearly as much air while idling or cruising through a no wake zone because it is self priming. However I see your point on plane at speeds your def screwed,

The aerators were put on the transoms back then on almost all mfg to prevent filling up your tanks/bags while underway. The aerators would easily allow the water to pass through them with a little pressure while under way So they had to put them on the transoms to prevent this