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12-01-2005, 08:46 AM
I see that Bart's has the Accufloat.
Any opinions or experience with this course?
It says that it can be submersed. Can it be set up like the Accusink?
If I can't sink it, it will not last on my lake.

88 PS190
12-01-2005, 02:42 PM
Accufloat is not a system designed to submerge itself, like the accusink.

EZ Slalom
And Instaslalom are manufacturers of portable and semi-permanant course solutions.

Accusink manufactured a system that you added to your portable course that allowed you to sink these containers that had weight in them, once you drain their air they dragged the bouys under water. reinflate w/ water they raise to the surface. You had to add these floats to your own portable course (any of the main manufacturers)

If you want the course to sink you are gonna have to invent your own. the general idea here is that all the arms must have weight/air ballast systems. Ideally you install this near your dock, and get permission from all neighbors to use it. To make a system you could easily use 5 gallon buckets, rock/concrete in the bottom for weight, and a truck tire replacement inner tube, w/ pvc hosing from all of the buckets to each other, and then a main to shore. Open the air at shore and they'll take a dive, pump air in from shore and they'll lift up to the surface.

more ideas to come