View Full Version : 1999 Xstar - Bad fuse/Fried ECU? - Never heard this one!

06-28-2014, 09:22 PM
I noticed a crack forming on the tower of our boat, so promptly had a local Tig welder make the repair... Upon completion, the boat wouldn't start.... This is when I noticed the previous owner had for some reason grounded the tower... SO... The Tig welder was plasting high voltage AC current at the tower and now the boat is dead.

Radio works, Boat will beep and turn over (no start though), and lights in the boat work.

Other than backlight, the guages don't do anything, the red "check engine" LED that typically glows before starting wont light up.

fuses are intact, but don't seem to be getting power back to fuel pump (even into the relay). I do have power at the ignition fuse under the driver dash... Is there a way a breaker or fuse could have helped here (thinking not since it was the ground that got the surge)?

I have a FLUKE multimeter and would love some suggestions other than just replacing items. I suppose it could have cooked the ECU but haven't figured out how to determine that.