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06-09-2014, 07:32 AM
I'm trying to shoot an electrical problem with the brother in law's 05 Malibu Response. The problem started with what we thought was an issue with the Perfect Pass. We would be in the middle of a set and the Perfect Pass would reset (turn off then on). This happened mostly when crossing wakes or when making a 180 degree turn while slalom skiing. The problem started out fairly intermittent (once a day) but has now manifested itself into crippling the boat. The PP would started off resetting randomly but now the engine will start surging and cutting out to the point where we're getting check engine lights. We started looking at the PP as the problem as the engine problems only happened when the PP was engaged (or so it seemed). The problem seems to be getting much worse and it's gotten to the point when it starts failing the engine barely runs, the PP won't boot, radio won't come on and we start getting check engine lights.

We called PP and they said it is quite possible for poor power to the PP to cause the engine to run bad as it could be partially engaging causing the servo to "twitch" and randomly move the throttle cable. Thinking we had a bad master module we decided to just bite the bullet and upgraded to StarGazer. This got us the control module which we installed over the weekend. Before we even got to water test the installation I noticed that we were still having an electrical problem. If I turn the ignition switch to run the PP will power on most times but randomly it will look like the power is flickering on/off and will not do a complete power on cycle. Turning the key to the off position and back to the on position will result in the PP powering on correctly. I also noticed that the radio is experiencing the same type problems turning off and on by itself while the key is in the run position.

So this is what I've done so far trouble shooting this issue.......
Checked/cleaned/tightened battery connections
Checked voltage at the battery - 13.5 volts
Checked voltage at dash - 13.5 volts
Checked for loose dirty connections under dash - all good
Installed new StarGazer system
Moved PP power connection from wiring harness to run position on ignition switch

I was going to run a separate ground wire directly from the battery to the PP to eliminate a bad ground as an issue and see if this would resolve the issue with the PP cycling but ran out of time. Also after some more thought the problem doesn't seem to be with just one system as the radio and engine are cutting out. The only part they all have in common would seem to be the ignition switch. I've run into a bad ignition switch in the past on my 89 TriStar. In that case we would loose power if we hit a wave, if you bumped the key or sometimes the radio would turn on/off by itself with no one even near it. A new switch fixed all the above.

I think I may be too close to this one having spent close to 8 hours working on it yesterday to the point of not seeing the forest for the trees. Anyone out there have any thoughts or comments?