View Full Version : MasterCraft Re-Defines Versatility with All New MariStar 200

11-17-2005, 10:57 AM
Go ahead – take the helm of the all new MariStar 200. Bind your hands to the wheel and throttle knob of the boat that will help you be all things to all people. You will be the ski guy, wakeboard dude, tube king and cruise ship captain to your world of family and friends. Simply put, you will be the guy who hands out smiles every time you pull up to the dock.

http://www.tmcowners.com/photopost/data/559/MariStar-200-_1.jpgThe MariStar 200 stays ahead of the stern-drive pack thanks to its familiar SuperFly bow design, which opens up the front for more people, and gives it a unique styling edge no other I/O can claim. Inside, a 94-inch wide interior provides walk- and lounge-around room for an extended family. Underneath is where the magic happens, however. By incorporating a modified step hull, the multi-faceted 200 can become whatever you need it to be. With its standard MasterCraft Power RTP-1, 310-horsepower multi-port EFI Vortec V-8 engine, this boat is ready to roar your on-water lifestyle into existence. Below 24 mph, the stern sits in deep, cleaving a smooth, transitional wake that elevates to a tight lip – perfect for wakeboarding. At speeds above 26 mph, the stepped hull gets up and out of the way, leaving behind a trail of bubbles that’s delightful to edge a slalom ski through. When everyone is through and exhausted from all the water games, the MariStar 200 becomes a 20-foot cruise ship designed to simply let you enjoy being together.

http://www.tmcowners.com/photopost/data/559/MariStar-200-_2.jpgAt exactly 20 feet, the 3300-pound MariStar 200 utilizes every square inch of onboard space, featuring clean underseat and sundeck storage compartments that will hold 70 cubic feet of anything you can carry on. Because the MariStar 200 makes storage space a premium, there’s no loss for seating. Aside from the SuperFly bow, the 200 comes complete on the inside, featuring a full wraparound seating compartment that envelopes, but doesn’t compromise. This little 20-footer plays big – it seats 11.

Behind the windshield MasterCraft’s X-Pod inspired modular dash display and billet cockpit appointments give drivers a perfect vantage point. By adding aircraft-style top lit toggle switches and a diamond-shaped oversized urethane glove box, we’ve truly put the “command” in Driver’s Command Center. Add in the second-generation Digital Throttle Control (DTC), and being behind the wheel might become as thrilling as being behind the boat.

http://www.tmcowners.com/photopost/data/559/MariStar-200-_3.jpgIn back, riders have plenty of room to get in and out thanks to an oversized boarding platform, stylishly accentuated by the MariStar 200’s matching diamond shaped transom.

Now wipe that smile off your face. You’re starting to look like you’re enjoying it a little too much.

Width Amidship:------96”
Boat Weight:---------3350 lbs
Fuel Capacity:-------45 gallons
Capacity:------------11 persons or 1609 lbs