View Full Version : Random Zero off GPS problem 09 X-Star

05-20-2014, 08:56 AM
whilst out on the weekend and about 2mins into a tow (boat already running fine for a few hours over the afternoon) boat lost power and would not tow above maybe 10mph, thought maybe picked up something on prop but prop clear, turned ignition off and started up again but same problem. noticed Zero off GPS display readout changed completely and said no GPS signal so turned the system off then boat ran fine for the full set. Local mastercraft dealership although helpful had not come across this before. the bow did bang on a few rollers earlier on so thinking either a wire somewhere had a bad connection or maybe something just got wet that shouldn't have (realise that's a longshot as everything on a boat is designed to live in the damp). Currently just thinking of disconnecting the batteries for 30 seconds then start over before checking connections - anybody else come across this on the factory option Zero off GPS

this is not a pic of the display changing over just to clarify the zero off I have