View Full Version : Battery Wire - Gauge Question 2003 x-30

05-18-2014, 09:47 PM
All original the best I can tell. I have one (1) 12v terminal/post connection and (1) lug/stud connection. Same for the negative. Couple of questions...

1 - Based on some simple deduction, I'm assuming the lug/stud connection goes to the dash and the terminal/post goes to the starter. Correct?

2 - Anyone know the gauge of the lug/stud connection. I was removing the wires today and the lug connector snapped off the 40amp circuit breaker. Seems way larger than I would have expected.

3 - The circuit breaker is a blue sea (I think) and only has 1/4 posts on it. Can anyone confirm?

4 - (last one) I have a Perko switch that has not been installed and if I put a cutoff on the boat, the lug/stud connection that goes to the dash would be the only one that needs to be on it right? The starter shouldn't 'leak' or 'draw' w/o current on the solenoid which would come from the lug, not the terminal. Do I have that right? I wouldn't want to run the starter connection through a switch.

My boat is a couple hours away, so I apologize for all the questions! Thanks guys.


05-19-2014, 10:26 AM
I found very faint markings of 2AWG on the dash wire, so that mystery (#2) is solved.