View Full Version : qiestion battery tender plus and dual batteries

04-18-2014, 07:30 PM
hey just curious i have had my two batteries each with its own tender and batteries on the bench

now that i have had the boat out my main battery is still on the tender in the boat but my house battery is buried in the side panel no tender on it yet ,i was wondering if i set my switch to both 1 + 2 will the one tender maintain both batteries at once ? is that OK or a no no.

i just tried it and the light flashed for a bit on the tender ,now it is saying the battery is full charge and gone to float mode monitoring ,meanwhile it is actually monitoring the two batteries in a parallel ,

is this OK or a bad idea

i hope this all makes sense


i only have two batteries and the switch ,nothing else ,i know this isn't ideal either
but i mostly use the other battery as a backup and make sure it is charged before i
head out