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02-07-2014, 10:43 AM
I have a Liquid Force Jett wakeboard vest for sale. This is a female vest and size small.
My wife used this for about 3 years and it was only ridden in maybe 10-15 times so its in great shape.
No rips, holes or stains.
She has since got a boob job and now needs a bigger vest :)
Looking for $40 plus shipping obo


Sorry for the upside down picture


Manufacturer's description:

The Jett is just as hot and sleek as it sounds. It features slimmed down foam padding to help you feel lighter and move more freely. The vest is cut higher to provide optimum comfort and range of movement. The stealthy hidden straps won't cramp your style and a sweet little pocket awaits your liquid tunes. The side entry design is new for 2008 and guarantees that his vest is now more comfortable and flexible than ever. The Jett is for the girl who's not afraid to look this hot on the water.

Key Features of The Liquid Force Jett Comp Non Cga Wakeboard Vest:

Segmented EVA Front Panels - Ergonomic flex patterns to move with you not against you
Side Entry - Super clean Style and function
Oversized Arm Holes - Extra space and comfort for added mobility
Mesh Drain Holes - Release water for light weight functions
Hidden Straps - Clean and simple - No snags on handle passes
Liquid Tunes Pocket - A specifically designed pouch for your Mp3 player
Women's Cut - Shorter cut to fit just right

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Lucky you...

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Damn that is a heck of a reason to need a new vest but with the added flotation does she really even need a vest ?

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Oh yes > You know the rules on this site too .If there are no pictures it didn't happen

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Oh yes > You know the rules on this site too .If there are no pictures it didn't happen

Great point ;)

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Man you guys have no shame! Pack of wild dogs running the streets :) Or better yet...the Wolf Pack. Who's the leader, where do I sign up and when do we go to Vegas?

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Vest is sold