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01-23-2014, 05:42 PM
Hi all, so I've read the forums and I've seen a lot of different solutions to the general F-up that MC made of the 2012 X2 ballast system. Happily I'm getting my 2012 X2 soon. Sadly, with everything I've read I'm no closer to knowing what to do about adding ballast. I sent an email to wakemakers and this is generally what I got. There seems to be two X2 groups with different options:

X2 with Medallion Display
- option 1: completely separate ballast pump system for added ballast
- option 2: separate toss over (tsunami, etc.) ballast pump with added ballast

X2 with regular gauges (GDig Display)
- option 1: reprogram Jabsco ballast timers and plumb in added ballast
- option 2: separate toss over (tsunami, etc.) ballast pump with added ballast

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The people with the Medallion Display seemed to be hosed. The people like me with regular gauges seem to at least have the option of getting their timers reprogrammed. That is good.

So along with this it seems like the various solutions that I've seen sometimes tweak the functionality of the attitude plate and surf tabs. I have both the attitude plate and surf tabs. With the regular gauges, do you get launch control or is that ONLY with the Medallion system? I'd love to get my fill timers reprogrammed but don't want to have launch control and such messed up.

So everyone chime in: what 2012 X2 do you have (Medallion or regular) and what have you done (and with how much success) to add extra ballast? I'll also update the original post with what wakemakers say about reprogramming the timers and launch control.

01-27-2014, 08:42 PM
I'm running the Medallion screen, I plan on adding piggy back bags to the rear compartments and getting the tool to reprogram this summer. Note that the X-2 kit from wake makers is for older model X-2s that didn't have stringers that run right to the front of the hull. Basically the bow sack doesn't fit in a 2012's bow. There's a thread where someone installed separate bags for each side of the bow. I am not sure if the bags he put in are fitting with them filled 100% or not.

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01-28-2014, 08:13 AM
I used the V drive bags. Here's a couple of threads with pictures/info of my set up: