View Full Version : WTB OEM cans for 05 x10 tower

12-03-2013, 12:24 PM
Looking to find a pair of cans for my tower, not to concerned about speakers but need to match the cans i have on the boat. I have missed a few and am haveing a hard time finding some and do not weant to pay price for new ones.

12-03-2013, 02:12 PM
Check Out greatlakesskipper on Ebay/Internet, I remember having seen a pair of pre 2008 with lights on their site a couple days ago for roughly $1000, otherwise there are some up for sale here from one time to another

Mike Wood
01-22-2014, 04:37 PM
have 2007 speaker cans with light 800.00 plus shipping also have jl can and also black mastercraft cans no lights call us at 561 737 9423 South Florida MasterCraft

01-27-2014, 06:37 PM
What color are yours? I ended up with a set of 05/06 cans that are gun metalish that I decided to sell.


01-29-2014, 08:36 PM
Check Aric's post out - he's selling some:

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4 2005-6 OEM tower speakers with lights!!
Selling buds four tower speaker cans for him, two have speakers and two dont. Heres the deal.

One set is a darker grey than the others. The darker ones are brand new old stock, never mounted. All four come with all necessary mounting pieces, and we also have some directionsto mount them with the correct distance between them from Mastercraft. The two colors are the main reasons we're selling, and grab some rev 10s. They all have brand new lights.

The lighter set with speakers were mounted on a tower for a week then pulled and set on a shelf in a box with no scratches or imperfections whatsoever.

Both sets of cans are in perfect condition, one set is darker than the other for unforseen reasons? Unless someone can shed some light on me why theyre darker.

Prices, just really trying to get what he paid.
Lighter ones with speakers-$900
Darker ones without speakers-$600

Pm me or shoot me a text for offers or questions or more pictures.

01-29-2014, 08:41 PM
Lotsa people looking for tower speakers lately, I have been looking for 2007's without lights with no luck.