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Big Dogg
11-26-2013, 04:01 PM
Hey everyone!
I am helping a friend of mine build and order his 2014 Prostar. He is not a previous Mastercraft owner and wants some additional guidance. I also have never ordered a new one but with all the information on here as well as researching it, I feel that I can have some good input. He is not a hardcore slalom skier but skill level is ever so increasing. This is the exact boat he wants so lets not try to talk him or me out of it. Here are the questions I have in the ordering process that I am getting mixed opinions on from the dealer.

Cockpit covers - obviously this boat comes with the removable fiberglass nose cover (he wants this) but if you order the cockpit covers, are they bow and stern area covers? Or is it just the stern cover and you have to put the fiberglass enclosure on the nose every time?

Any benefit in the Prostar of going with the Fusion IP700 with 4 JL Speakers and Amp over the Fusion RA205 with 4 JL speakers and NO amp. I know the benefits of an amp but is the price difference worth it? I assume an aftermarket JL amp could be wired in after the fact if needed.
I assume that both of these head units come with a 3.5mm audio jack input? Or is the Bluetooth option needed? I say no to the bluetooth but has anyone had some experience or input on this?

Is the removable rear seating a worthy option? I don't think weight is going to be a huge issue for him as he will not be pulling competitions with this boat. Will it help the resale value once he wants to sell?

Ski racks port and starboard - he also wakeboards and from experience has anyone tried to put a wakeboard in these side ski pockets? Does it fit at all if he only ordered the rack on one side and no rack of the other? Will this hurt resale value down the road?

Trailers - with this being a 19 foot, light weight boat, is a tandem axle needed? He travels within a 100 mile radius to boat primarily with the weekly runs to the local river access (5 miles or less). 2-3 times per year he does travel 4-5 hours on the interstate. I recommend a tandem for the additional safety features and weight distribution but is it a necessity on this boat and will it help resale as well? He pulls with a Cadillac Escalade EXT. Note he does not want a low profile option.

Transom Tie down straps - option price is fairly significant but is this any different than standard run of the mill tie down straps? Do they auto retract or lock down in a different or improved way?

Platforms - he wants a teak platform and he will take care of it, but the transom saver is a costly addition. Is it necessary and of those of you that have it is it a worthy option?

Engine - He wants to go with the Ilmore 5.7. The website lists this as 1.26:1 gearing but the order form states that its 1.22:1. I assume this may be a typo on the website or form. Any input from anybody on this?

He is excited for this boat. As am I because I get a new boat to join him behind. I have always valued the opinions on this site. As I have been a member for many years now the knowledge base here is awesome. The dealer is helpful but I want guys that have either seen or spent time in this boat and know what its all about. I think this 2014 Prostar will be the first one this dealer has ever received.

Attached is pictures of the color combo.

Big Dogg
11-26-2013, 04:08 PM
I cant figure out how to load the image.. from DAB... if anyone has any suggestion I will put it up this evening.

11-26-2013, 04:25 PM
The items I can weigh in on.
Single axle trailer will be fine. Tandem may tow nicer, but will be harder to maneuver in tight quarters. This is primarily a problem if you are shoehorning the boat into tight storage.

Transom savers are very nice, but if you ski with careful and experienced skiers who respect how much you've put into this boat, are likely unnecessary. That said, if it saves you a ding or two...

The back seat on our 85 comes out easily, and this saves a great deal of wear and tear from people climbing over it all the time. It also allows more room for boards/general stuff storage. If you're going to do some boarding, maybe an extended pole with a board rack would allow for some storage, though taking the seat out might make room for ballast, if you are so inclined.

Neighbor changed out his amp for one (wetsounds I believe) that raises the volume depending on the attitude of the boat. It's nice to have it quiet as you talk to the rider, and automatically raise to a predetermined level as the bow rises so that you can listen as you tow.

The rest of these items I have no specific knowledge on. Good luck and enjoy. Exciting times.

11-26-2013, 04:34 PM
Excellent choice to have a friend with this boat.

I can chime in on some of the items, but not prostar specific ones. And these are all YMMV items, so to each their own opinion.

We chose not to get the transom tie down straps because aftermarket ones are so much cheaper. I have not seen the MC ones to know why they are so expensive, but aftermarket ones are not that difficult to use. They are just straps.

We chose the teak platform as well with no transom saver. Our neighbour has the transom saver - it is just an extra teak strip on top of the platform at the transom that would stop a ski or board from bashing the transom. Our kids are older and it has not been an issue.

We bought the more expensive stereo. We had thought about going aftermarket, but if you add up the difference on cost of the components and compare it to the difference in price, the better deal is the Fusion ip700. You get better speakers, the better head unit, and an amp - it is a quality setup. The annoying thing is that the speakers and amp from the 2014 high power stereo used to be the standard stereo in my 2012

11-26-2013, 05:30 PM
blue tooth is handy, can be anywhere in the boat with your iphone and control the music, less cords the better when people are in and out of the boat!

Tandem axel trailer is a must if putting any kind of miles on your trailer, so much smoother.